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Life's little luxuries

Size & Care

Our products are sized for all. We take special attention to make certain there are no restrictions to what we produce. Whether it is the bedding or the knits, the robes or the nightgowns. We have US standard sizes which we have tweaked just a little bit to be more luxurious and European sizing that will accommodate even the most unusual unique bed size—as we have a special place in our heart for the antique bed and table and like to accommodate those special sizes with splendor. If you have a unique piece that needs covering we are happy to create and produce a custom order on request.

The Chez M’Lain product is meant to last for years and years with the proper care and attention. Our products are meant for daily use, not to be stored away just for special occasions. If you attend to these products as we suggest, they should be around for many memorable moments.