Make it personal with a monogram.

What is a monogram?
A monogram tells a story. It suggests who we are or want to be, puts forth our views on marriage, tradition, and individual identity not to mention the wonderful things it does for linens, stationery and silverware. A monogram consists of a person's initials — usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name—and much has been written about proper monogram etiquette. To help you get started, below is a crash course in styles and traditions, featuring some of our key pieces that are primed for your monogram.


Monograms can come in many styles, layouts and forms these are a few from our portfolio


1. Traditional
The traditional format for a monogram is built with the first, last, and middle initial of the individual’s name. Your surname initial would appear slightly larger in the center.


2. Three Initial
The format is the same as traditional, but a three-initial monogram can appear with all three letters the same size.


Seen here: one letter Feather Style monogram, two letter custom monogram and three letter custom monogram.


3. One Letter
There are no formal guides for proper etiquette with one-letter monograms. Either the initial of the first or last name is selected. This monogram offers flexibility, as it can be larger than a traditional one!


4. Two Letter
Our favorite element of a two-letter monogram is that it’s more of an art form. When capturing an individual’s first and last name, or a couple with two different surnames, the initials appear interlocked equally.


Seen here: three letter all one size, three letter script with large center letter and our favorite Granger style monogram- three letters with larger center initial.


5. Married Couples
When combining a monogram for a couple, the bride’s first name initial is placed on the left, the groom’s first name initial on the right, and the couple’s surname initial appears slightly larger in the center.


6. Children
In many circles, proper etiquette states that monograms for infants and younger children appear as first, last, and middle name initials, while teenagers adopt a more casual style of first, middle, and last name initials with all letters the same size.


7. Married vs. Single
A woman’s monogram typically follows the format of first, middle, and last initials. A married woman’s monogram traditionally reads first initial, maiden name initial, and married surname initial. If the married woman has a hyphenated last name, the first initial of the last surname would be used as it would match her spouse’s monogram and is proper etiquette.


Hand embroidered bedding is a traditional part of the bridal trousseau and is truly an heirloom worthy gift for the wedding couple. Consider either a three letter monogram or the traditional European monogram of two initials.


The traditional bridal trousseau would include monogramed table linens and hand towels for the newlywed’s home, these items make for wonderful and personal wedding gifts.


8. Contemporary
Monograms are a fun way to express the unique style of the individual. Be bold and break away from traditional monogram forms using a word that expresses a personality trait or describes the purpose of the product. The key is to have fun with monograms and reflect your own unique personal style. As with any art form, conventions and the methods are always evolving.


Here are some examples of custom two letter monograms that have been designed exclusively for the client. Custom work is available for all our table linens and bedding collections.


Monogram Locations
Ok, so now that you know how to create your monogram, the next step is all about location! location! location! We can monogram our items in the following locations:




1. Pillowcases: the monogram can be in the center or on the side


2. Pillow Shams: the monogram normally appears in the center or upper center as these pieces have a flange (border) on all four sides with a back insert opening.


3. Duvet Cover: Upper center placement so the monogram can be seen both when the duvet is folded at the foot of the bed and when open and covering the bed.


4. Top Sheet: Monogram is either placed in the center or off to one side- the position allows for the monogram to be seen when the top sheet is folded back.


Table Linens


1. Dinner Napkins: The options are plenty but we stick to the traditional single letter, two letter and three letter groupings in the lower right corner either straight or angled.


There are several options for positioning monograms on table linens. Here are a few ideas for Dinner Napkins.


2. Folded Napkins: These are an ideal size for snacks and nibbles. Commonly seen with either a single letter or three letters centered in the lower portion of the napkin.


Single letter Whitlam style, three letter custom monogram centered and three letter Feather style.


3. Cocktail Napkins: These are your classic coaster and seen with either a single letter or three letters in the center space.


4. Placemats: The monogram can be any variation of letters and most commonly placed at the top center.


Three letter monograms can be tonal in color or contrast, it is all personal taste there is no right or wrong.


5. Guest Towels: The smaller powder room towels that are either placed in a box or on a rail. Traditionally these towels have either a single letter or three positioned on the lower center section of the towel.


6. Hand Towels: These are larger towels and either hang on a rail or hooks. Normally the position of the monogram is at the lower center area depending on the design. All our Hand Towels are sold as pairs.


Hand Towels allow for larger monograms whereas the guest towels are smaller- try a single large letter or a multi-color three letter monogram.


Either on the pocket or centered. Here are a couple of our favorite possibilities on the Hilde Full Apron and the Edmund half Apron.


Seen here: three letter Applique on the pocket, single letter Granger style centered and custom monogram on the pocket


Other Items
We have no locations specified. You can mail us to request a location once you have placed your order. But, here are a couple ideas to get your ideas flowing- there really are no fixed rules. Be creative and design your own monogram and we will custom embroider it on the item you like exactly where you want it. All our monograms are designed and produced by hand. The only limitation is your imagination.


Three letter Applique on a cashmere christening blanket, Applique on placemats and Whitlam script on Hand Towels that are a wonderful personalized gift.


Custom designed monograms for Dinner Napkins. Whatever your style maybe, there is a way to make it uniquely your own with a custom monogram.